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Souris Valley Museum



Heritage Day
Heritage day is a planned educational day which teachers can sign their classes up for. Special events and programing are scheduled throughout the day to help get children excited about our local history. Programs change from year to year but activities may include hay rides, rope making, butter making and schoolhouse re-enactments.
Information about this year’s Heritage day can be found here and the registration form is here.


School Tours
The fee for school programmes has a base rate of $1.00 per student, with some special activities costing an additional $1.00 to cover supplies. Teachers and chaperones are required; one adult must be present for every ten students, as such, free admission is provided for chaperones.
The Museum tour takes about half an hour and each additional activity is 30 minutes. For School visits it is recommended to choose a tour and two other activities to create a 1½ hour Museum visit. However, staff will accommodate visits in length from 1 hour to 3 hours. The class may be required to split into groups (depending on the size of the class) for each activity, the groups will then rotate between the activities. Please choose activities that are appropriate for your grade level.
Please choose from the following standard activities:

  • Guided Museum tour (highly recommended for all visits)
  • Schoolhouse Mock School Day (most requested activity, after tour)
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Rope Making (very popular among participants)
  • Historical Games
  • Fortune Teller Craft (not recommended for groups under the age of 8)

Note: each activity is ½ hour in length, ensure that the number of activities selected correspond to the length of the visit.
The following special activities are available at an additional $1.00 per student per activities (To cover the cost of materials.):

  • Butter Churning
  • Ice Cream Making (if the weather is too hot this activity will not be available.)

Note: Ice Cream Making can take up to an hour.
Other activities and tours, based around specific subjects and time periods, can be made available upon request.

Check the full Educational Programs and Tours package for the full scoopand to sign up your class for a tour the registration form can be found here.