Camps & Programs

Summer Camps 

(Ages 3-5)

Our summer preschool programs are designed to teach our youngest visitors about history!

Colourful Camp (July 23-25) (FULL)

Campers will explore how pioneers infused color into their world and delve into the vibrant history of pioneering creativity. Join us for a week of hands-on exploration, creativity, and colorful fun!

July 23-25th, 2024 | 10am-12pm | Ages 3-5 | $30


Little Pioneers (August 6-8) (FULL)

Young adventurers will embark on a journey through history as they discover the world of pioneering through fun activities and games. From nature walks to crafting and storytelling, “Little Pioneers” is where imagination meets exploration for our youngest adventurers.

August 6-8th, 2024 | 10am-12pm | Ages 3-5 | $30


Summer Camps (Ages 5-8)

Take a step back in time and learn about history and music in one camp!

Harmony on the Homestead (July 31-August 1) (4 SPOTS LEFT)

Welcome to “Harmony on the Homestead” where campers explore the joy of music-making while embracing the spirit of sustainable living and community harmony. Through music workshops, eco-friendly instrument crafting, and collaborative performances, children discover the power of melody and rhythm to unite hearts and minds.

July 31-August 1, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 5-8 | $30


Summer Camps

(Ages 6-10)

Our summer camp line up for ages 6-10! There is something for everyone!

Planet Protectors (July 4-5) (3 SPOTS LEFT)

Young environmentalists embark on a journey to explore the pioneering spirit of sustainability and conservation. Through hands-on eco-projects, nature expeditions, and workshops on renewable energy, campers discover how pioneers of today can safeguard our planet for future generations.

July 4-5, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $30


Time Travelers (July 8-11) (8 SPOTS LEFT)

Step into the shoes of our ancestors from different eras and explore the wonders of history through exciting time-travel adventures. Through interactive simulations, historical reenactments, and hands-on crafts inspired by different time periods, campers journey through the past and learn valuable lessons about resilience, innovation, and the importance of preserving our heritage. Join us for a week of time-traveling exploration, where the past comes alive and the future awaits!

July 8-11, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $60


Nature Navigators (July 15-18) (5 SPOTS LEFT)

Welcome to “Nature Navigators Camp,” where budding adventurers learn the art of exploring and navigating the great outdoors. Through orienteering challenges, map reading activities, and guided nature hikes, campers develop essential navigation skills while discovering the wonders of the wilderness.

July 15-18, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-10 | $30


Passport to Fun (July 22-25) (FULL)

Young globetrotters embark on a journey around the world without ever leaving camp! Through cultural activities, language lessons, and international games campers explore the diverse wonders of our planet. Join us for a week of adventure, learning, and expanding horizons.

July 15-18, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $60


Undercover Agents (July 29-30) (FULL)

Welcome to “Undercover Agents” where secret agents-in-training delve into the thrilling world of espionage and mystery-solving. From code-breaking challenges and disguise workshops to top-secret missions and spy training exercises, campers sharpen their detective skills and uncover hidden clues.

July 29-30, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $30


Dino Discovery (August 6-7) (FULL)

Junior paleontologists embark on an expedition through prehistoric times to uncover the secrets of the dinosaurs. From fossil digs and dinosaur anatomy workshops to immersive storytelling and creative crafts, campers will unearth a world millions of years in the making. 

August 6-7, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $30


Sports Extravaganza (August 12-15) (8 SPOTS LEFT)

Welcome to “Sports Extravaganza” where young athletes dive into the history and origins of their favorite sports. From ancient games and traditional sports from around the world to modern-day competitions, campers will explore the evolution of sports through interactive activities, friendly competitions, and sports-themed crafts.


August 12-15, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-10 | $60


Summer Camps

(Ages 6-12)

Our summer camp themes for ages 6-12!

Frugal Frontiers (July 2-3) (FULL)

Welcome to “Frugal Frontiers,” where young adventurers embark on a thrifty journey through time to explore the resourceful ways of pioneers and settlers! In this hands-on camp, children will learn valuable skills such as budgeting, crafting with recycled materials, and sustainable living practices inspired by the ingenuity of frontier life.  

July 2-3, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 6-12 | $30

Invention Station Week (August 19-23)

August 19: Wheels Go Round (August 19, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-12 | $10) (6 SPOTS LEFT)

August 20: Superheroes (August 20, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-12 | $10) (FULL)

August 21: Game On! (August 21, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-12 | $10) (3 SPOTS LEFT)

August 22: Upcycled (August 22, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-12 | $10) (FULL)

August 23: Lego Day (August 23, 2024 | 9am-12pm | Ages 6-12 | $10) (FULL)

Summer Camps 

(Ages 8-12)

Our summer camp line up for ages 8-12!

Culinary Creations (July 15-18) (1 SPOT LEFT)

Chefs embark on a delicious journey to explore the art and science of cooking! In this interactive camp, children will learn essential kitchen skills, discover diverse cuisines from around the world, and unleash their creativity through hands-on cooking and baking activities. From mastering basic recipes to creating gourmet dishes, join us for a week of culinary adventure, tasty treats, and culinary creativity at “Culinary Creations”!

July 15-18th, 2024 | 1-4pm | Ages 8-12 | $30


Power Up! (August 8-9) (5 SPOTS LEFT)

Welcome to “Power Up!,” where young adventurers embark on an electrifying journey to explore the fascinating world of coal mining and energy production! In this interactive camp, children will delve into the science and technology behind harnessing coal’s power, learn about the history and importance of coal mining, and discover innovative ways to generate energy sustainably.

August 8-9th, 2024 | 9am-4pm | Ages 8-12 | $30


Resources For Teachers

School Tours

At Souris Valley Museum, we believe that education should go beyond the walls of a classroom. That’s why we have designed engaging and interactive tours specifically tailored to meet the educational needs of students from all grade levels.

Outreach Programs

The Museum provides in-person and outreach programs for teachers. There is a small fee for in-person and outreach programs. The fee is to cover the cost of supplies for activities.

Educational Package

Check back in the fall for an updated Education Guide!

Customized Programs

The Museum has worked with many Pre-K to 12 teachers to customize programs and tours, to align with specific outcomes or curricular expectation to accommodate class schedules. Please do not be afraid to contact us, we are here to help! For more information please contact 306.634.5543