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Souris Valley Museum


We provide knowledge to the community through educational opportunities, special events and hands on activities to diverse residents and visitors of all ages.

For Children
We offer many programs throughout the year featuring local history and our collection, for children ages 3 to 12. Some of our programs include: historical themed camps such as Archaeology Camp and Pioneer/Discovery Day Camps as well as programs for children during school breaks.

For Students
Book a class tour at the Museum for a unique educational experience or participate in Heritage Day! Heritage Day changes year to year, but can include activities such as rope making, school house re-enactments and hay rides. Heritage Day is always held on the second Thursday in June.

For All Ages
The Museum offers visitors the opportunity to book a guided tour throughout the year to learn about the Museum’s artifacts and local heritage. Book your tour today!

For Seniors
In the month of August, the Museum offers the Senior Social which provides an afternoon of heritage, friends, entertainment and complimentary tea, coffee and dainties!

For The Whole Family
The Museum offers events, such as Cowpokes and Cookouts, Aboriginal Day Celebrations and Pioneer Dun Day, throughout the summer. These events provides the community with a place to come together and celebrate heritage with food and fun activities!